Due to conflict of interest

Hello community,

I’m facing an important problem and I need your help.

Due to a conflict of interest situation I cannot work 2 accounts by myself, so I need urgently to find a solution. I’m contemplating all possible ways from an exchange of services to a monthly payment.

Please only serious messages, cheers! DM me if you feel more so.

Going behind your clients back and offering a service to both of them under your service (even if it’s someone else doing the work for you) is generally considered immoral. The reason why I’m surprised is because you’ve recognised that it’s bad (or someone has told you that they won’t work with you if you work with the other), but you’re still trying to find a workaround.

What’s the exact situation? One client says they won’t work with you if you work with the other?

for what reason? political? religion?
are you vegan and this account is a butcher account?

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you should have started with “What’s the exact situation?” not with the other BS.

He’s trying to do you a favour pal. Calm your mammary glands.

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Do me a favor, I would like to increase your knowledge, read about outsourcing, contractors and those lines. My post was for serious people only, btw I got a few good DMs already and no BS. Have a good one!

Perhaps try meditation if you’re stressed.

Sounds like a tricky situation, Wish you luck!