E-mail confirmation on Instagram after registration

Hi guys! I would need your help about manual account creation on Instagram.

So I am following this manual method with a rooted phone with my own 4G:
-I create mail.com account manually on my phone’s browser in incognito

  • Register in the app
  • I perform some actions right after, add photo, bio, post etc
  • Delete app datas
  • I use Device ID changer to change all the phone info after every creation
  • Use my 4G, turn on airplane mode after every account to get new IP

So my question is: When and how to confirm my e-mail address? In incognito the url wont redirect me to the app. If I use chrome without incognito, and click on the url in the mail.com panel, it will redirect me to the app. Is it safe? Wont it let Instagram to track that I have opened the multiple confirmation e-mails from the same browser?

Or can I confirm my account in Jarvee later with my proxies? What route do you recomend?

Thanks for any suggestion!

there are extensions you can install to minimize fingerprints. Have a search around the forum, there’s a couple of guides with examples.

Thanks for your help! I have already searched in the forum, but if I am correct those extensions are only for the desktop chrome version. I am creating my accs from my phone, I think it is more human like. Do you know any solutions?


The 2 best suggestions I’ve found have been

  1. Desktop chrome creation - I assume you’ve found this thread
  2. Physically going into a shop that displays phones and opening it from them, using your hotspot

I am also planning to go to shops to create accs. If I use my personal Hungarian 4G hotspot for creation, and will connect to Jarvee using mobile proxies from another country isnt’t a red sign for Insta? Or maybe I should first purchase the mobile proxy, link it with my phone and then share it? Is it possible? What is your personal reccomendation to create pages?

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