E-mail confirmation problem

I’m with a problem…

Instagram is requesting an e-mail confirmation code, to access one of my client accounts. But the e-mail that they are offering to send the code is not vinculated to that account more, is an old e-mail that this client had times ago, and was vinculated to this instagram account times ago, but not more, and now the Instagram is only giving this option to send the code…

The cell phone of my client is vinculated to this Instagram account, but is not giving the option to send the code to the cell phone number… I think this can be a bug of Instagram…

Do you know anything about this?

(sorry for my english)

The easiest way would be for them to get access to the old email account… Not sure why it’s not allowing text but it could be that it’s not been verified before… LinkedIn if my thing. . not an IG expert but thought I’d offer some insight.

This client don’t have access to this e-mail anymore…
I’m waiting to see if they will allow text again.

Thank you for your response!

Login on an iPhone app. Make sure to switch the ip to the proxy handling that Instagram account.
Once you’re in, you should get the option to verify via telephone/text message.

In cases like these, the JV EB or phone simulator will not work. Make sure to use a real iPhone and the Instagram app.

@Colorme Why iPhone ? What makes them different from android ?

In my experience it just works for my clients’ accounts.

I tried and it didn’t work.
First it works out to send the code by SMS but then they ask for this email again, which was not even registered with that account.
It’s like a new security measure …