Easiest way to Repost to Story WITH Watermark + to Feed WITHOUT?

I’m trying to use the repost tool to repost a post to story WITH watermark, but to feed WITHOUT watermark. Technically that’s not possible, so has anyone done something like that or has a creative idea on a workaround?

What came to my mind was using an account for REPOST TOOL => SEND TO VOLUME CAMPAIGN => PUBLISH TO STORY WITH WATERMARK while using the repost tool of the account to post to feed without watermark. But I’m afraid of linking all accounts by posting the same stuff at the same time by using the volume campaign, so I would like to avoid it.

Daniel also gave me the recommendation to use REPOST TOOL => SEND TO CAMPAIGN (FEED) => SEND TO 2ND CAMPAIGN (STORY), but with 20+ accounts posting 15-20 posts per day that is a lot of manual work.

I’m kinda stuck here maybe someone can give me some good input on a solution :muscle:

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Yeah, I think what Daniel recommended is the only method to achieve that with Jarvee.

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Actually, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same post posted into story as in the feed. I basically want to repost from my sources, could be any post of that. Most important is to post with watermark into story and without into feed.

I think using a standard campaign is better, you can control the publishing time.

You can have two scraper accounts with the repost tool on, 1 account sends scraped posts to campaign (feed) and the other to campaign (story), or you can just scraped a lot of posts to one campaign with 1 account, then use the export import feature to “copy” the posts to the other campaign.