Easy guide to finding .3+ fbr sources!

It’s really simple and I’m going to keep this short.

YOU target the FOLLOWERS of a source that FOLLOWS YOU.

Because when that person goes to your page it will say, “Followed by …”

They are a lot more likely to follow you if you have common friends, I promise you.

And listen, sometimes its better when they have less of a follower count because less bullshit followers. More people genuinely interested in them and their niche.

Pick out 10-15 people out of your FOLLOWERS list that is somewhat related to your niche. Try and keep it above 5k followers if you can.


Your welcome.

PS: Here is the link to a picture I just drew up illustrating my strategy, to better help you understand. Yes I know its ratchet.


This is an interesting idea, I’ll try this out soon!


But I need a follower which is related to my niche right?


Yes because they will become your source. If you are a luxury acc and they are travel the people following them are not the people you want following you.

Any (free) tool to help me identify influencers following a particular account?

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nice one. And excellent drawing


My only concern would be

  1. For accounts that wildly follow anyone and anything, their follower based might not be the most
    engaging and or loyal following that you would want to attract to your page.

  2. I could be on the suggested users of accounts I’d rather not be associated with and or are not of my niche, and risk the opportunity to be on a “Niched” based suggested user.


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My thoughts are ever since I implemented my systems with sources that follow this strategy the least of my client accounts gets 80+ followers a day. If you’re looking for a consistent 100+ followers a day across any of your accounts, follow this method. Pick 15 sources and you’re golden.


Thanks man! Just trying to spread some knowledge.

I have to try this on my clients account! Thanks for sharing.

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This might work if you’re in a broad themed niche, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the person’s followers have the same interests as yours.

For example, I can like cars and follow a bunch of car accounts, but don’t post photos of cars because I don’t have access to them, and I’m not a reposting account. But, let’s say even if I did post some car photos, it doesn’t mean the followers of my followers like cars necessarily. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t… but for generic things like babes or memes, I’m sure it would work out better than very specific things.


Good tip, nice picture thanks!

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Hi @xxdaberserkerrx i want to give the method a try, can you please tell me how to quickly see which of my followers are influencers (defined by follower ammount) without having to click through each follower? What kind of tool do you use? Or just use a homemade scraper?


Thx for the share. Will give it a try.

What about adding filters like “contains x” to make sure the followers are niche related?

Cool topic bro!

Since using the tips from bartholomeo my fbr almost trippled!

Follow users that have over 50/100 post and and they have to follow 300-1500

When I see you somewhere @Bartholomeo I spend you a bj from a ladyboy in bangkok! See you bro:joy:




Many thanks @xxdaberserkerrx I will try your method.

If you guys have a tool or a method to find your most followed followers, feel free to share.

Cheers guys

Easy @JimNach
Scrape your followers via jarvee
Get additional info from your scraped list via jarvee
Sort by decreasing follower count via spreadsheet


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What am I missing here?

@Bartholomeo has not even posted in this topic, but you are giving him an unsolicited plug.


Yes, mojo he’s happy because I gave him/to the community some advice on how to increase the FBR ratio on another thread.

Don’t beat him he’s a good boy (for now, lol).

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