Easy way to check if you or everyone is having problems accessing a website

I have seen quite a few discussions here regarding people asking others if a website of down, or out of business, and waiting for a reply from others. Here is a much easier way to check to see if others are having the same problem, or if its just you! :smiley:


In addition to this website, you can also check the uptime/downtime of specific services, and websites by going to… http://www.serviceuptime.com/ or for Canadians, you can check on http://canadianoutages.com/

Enjoy! :smiley:


While we’re talking about websites and downs :slight_smile: anyone noticed Facebook Search was down for couple of hours today?

Whatever you typed in search box you would get no results.

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Ha, knew abut this one, we’re using it to monitor the MP site :slight_smile: it’s definitely a good tool to use.

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I always use that to see if my new domains are resolving or not, as i always change the hosts file so i don’t have to wait to build the site, great tool.

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