EB is not working anymore? So frustrating

Hi guys,

Is there anything else I can do to make my acounts follow again? I have been having blocks on Eb and Api ofcourse on 9 out of 10 accounts. EB was working perfect for like a week. Then it didnt work anymore.

1.I have tried reseting device.
2. Not use jarvee at all for a week to give it a rest.

Should I concider something else? Alot of people seem too be fine with Eb. Why is it not working for me? I have 5 accounts on a proxy dongle and 5 on my home internet.


What proxies are you using ?
How old are your accs ?

ED is still working, check your proxy quality and account quality on top of the settings.


  • Just : log out and log back-in first, using EB :slightly_smiling_face:

  • We all experienced blocks, this is the first thing to do to be able to separate “fake” blocks from “real” action blocks !



Try starting with one account per time. Don’t add all 5 on one network on the same day. After the rest period, start with low settings and with only one account, then add the next one the following day


It seems like the EB blocks have gotten a lot more vicious in the past 2-3 days