EB not working - new settings 08/2020?


since 2 days EB is not working for my instagram accounts. Everything was fine until then. I did follow/unfollow and likes, up to 150-200 / day. So, nothing suspicious. Accounts were growing nicely with 20-40 new followers each day.

But since 2 days ago non of the settings are working. I keep getting errors 550 and 590.

Anyone else having this issues? Where could I find current settings for main account? The last ones on youtube are from May 2020.

I don’t want to use API because they all run on the same ip.


What does the error 590 say?

Are your scraper accounts valid? error 550 means no scraper account is available to scrape users for your main account.

590: Cannot execute because you have the option to use only embedded browser checked
550: Cannot execute because you don’t have any valid IG accounts logged in via api

Not using scrapers on this 2 accounts. Everything worked fine until 2 days ago, I didn’t change any settings.

When you use only EB on your main account, you need to have at least one IG account in Social Profiles tab that is logged in via API. Just create a new account on IG app, then add it in Social Profiles tab in Jarvee. It should fix the issue.

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Adding on to this, it seems like your scraper got delayed or got banned which is why your accounts aren’t running anymore.

That message shows you that you don’t have enough accounts that are not having Use only EB option checked at the moment which are going to do the scraping actions in behalf of your accounts that are using Embedded browser.

You were right. My scraper had to be re-verified. It’s the only account which uses api. Now it’s working again! Thank you guys :slight_smile:

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That’s why it’s always a good option to have more scrapers if possible :slight_smile:

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tbh until today I didn’t know how to setup scraper account properly. Now I have two and they are actually cool :slight_smile:

Great, I am glad you’ve worked it out. Cheers