EB vs API full emulation

Hi everyone I hope you’re all firing up to a great week!
Well I’m opening this thread to see if I can fix my confusing thoughts about should I use EB or should I use new API full emulation - to doing follows and likes (I’m always unfollowing manually these days, unfortunately I discovered this is working better for me)

One thing that is annoying me and I want to ask you guys: when doing actions via API, if you click to open embeded browser will it be logged in or logged off?

Are you guys still getting lots of false blocks - meaning JV wont do any action but if you try via phone everything is working OK ?

thank you very much

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These blocks are not false blocks.
They are only tied to that specific session.

You can try both. Some work better in EB some on API

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my personal experience, API causes blocks after literally 0 to 5 interactions
I am having success with EB, its far from perfect, has issues, but at least I can still justify charging my clients. With API i did 5 follows in last 5 days.

As socialgain said, its not false block but device/session block, as if IG understood that this isnt a real phone and blocks you from doing so. Relogin usually help… a lot of relogins can cause AC or Hardblock.

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For me eb works better than api, but also far from perfect since one week. Before this week I was running completely fine. The hard blocks and invalid sources are hard to deal with. Hope it will improve over the next period of time.

API still works for me, I am using API Key 115 btw

API Key 115? what does that mean?

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and appart from relogin what cn be a long term solution i saw that clearing cookie reset device id and resting is good but it’s also a short term solution and lower the trustscore