Ecommerce - Digital Products?


I saw in the landing page that in round 2 “Sell digital and downloadable products” will be possible.

Any idea when round 2 approx. is? Trying to set up a new store and wondering if it’s worth to wait.

Alternatively, any workaround? Would it work if I treat it as a physical product where I gather the payment and manually send the goodie over via email? (Besides the delay on replying) For this I’m assuming I can customize the text in the email to let them know I’ll get back to them in 24h I guess.

Thoughts, please? :pray:

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Couldn’t you post a download link with a password in the After Payment Thank You email?

Also, there is an app in the Shopify App store called Digital Download. Not sure if it works or not. @Petter.big4