Edit profiles in Bulk Error - Jarvee [HELP NEEDED]

When i use the edit profiles in bulk option on jarvee, it does open an excel sheet and asks me to click on yes after i finish making the changes. When i do, it shows that the file is invalid. How do i solve this? Anyone who faced a similar issue?

The same issue happens with importing data for account creation as well. Even if i input the demo file given by Jarvee itself, it says invalid file

Did you get that error right after you saved the excel file and closed it?

Try to open the file with Notepad, then click File > Save As. Type xx.csv as file name, and choose UTF-8.

I just did this

I opened the demo file (imported from jarvee)

Then saved it as CSV delimited (UTF-8). I did not make any changes on this file. Now i tried to use this file for account creation. And then it says file invalid.

Open the file, delete the first line from your file: email,account-username
See if it works.

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I actually just had this problem and it was brutal!
What fixed it was selecting “save as”, and there is a checkbox that says “edit filter settings” at the bottom of the promoted window. See if you have that and make sure you select that every time.

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If that doesn’t help try contacting their support and they will probably give you the best solution possible.

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It Did not work :frowning_face:

Where do we get that checkbox? If you can share a screenshot, i will be really grateful to you.

Strange. I tried the exact same steps you mentioned, it’s working. :thinking:

You should contact support and send them your import file.

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In which format did you save the excel file?

the file should be saved as .csv and closed, but as @ossi said you should contact Jarvee’s support and see.

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Try Libreoffice. It is free, and much easier to use with csv files (my opinion).

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