Editing caption affects engagement?

Quick question!


  • editing a caption of a post
  • tagging a new user/untagging someone
  • changing the geolocation of a post

Affect the Engagement Rate of a post?

Not sure if it would be the best move to change a caption to a funnier/possibly more viral caption that I just thought of.

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I myself have had mixed results. Sometimes editing the caption penalized me. Some other times gave a boost in terms of people reached by adding a few hashtags.

No, if it’s not a major change.

I have heard that changing caption is not recommended.

the engagement rate of post is given by best time posting and great content.

I think editing the caption after the first 15 minutes of publication is nonsense.

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I don’t think that this will affect your posts unless you change the caption in a drastically worse or better way. For example if you have a completely unrelated caption to your post, changing it to something that fits might increase engagement.

However, from a purely technical IG perspective, I wouldn’t see why it would have less or more engagement just because you changed it.

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