Effective method to always achieve your goals on the web πŸ“ˆ

There is an effective method to always achieve your goals on the web :chart_with_upwards_trend:

And it always works (really)

The only condition is the product / market fit :heavy_check_mark:

Golden rule: you can never be 100% sure before testing

So overthinking is not always the best option.

To be effective, remember these words: Test and Learn :test_tube:

Well, some projects require more testing, that’s true

:point_down: Hence the importance of structuring:

:black_small_square: 1. Set a SMART goal

:black_small_square: 2. Make a hypothesis

:black_small_square: 3. Test this track

:black_small_square: 4. Analyze the results (data is your best friend)

:black_small_square: 5. Take these data into account

:black_small_square: 6. Test a new track based on the results of the first one

:black_small_square: 7. Analyze (data, data, data)

:black_small_square: 8. 9. 10. Repeat

The rest ? A matter of time :stopwatch:

In the end, you get the ultimate combo: good offer, good message, good audience

Test and … learn

What do you think ?


I agree 100%, what you said made total sense thank you for the share man once you find the combo, the results go exponential positive everything become on autopilot from there.

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