Eliminate negative hashtags from a big list?

Is there a tool that can eliminate hashtags based on negative keywords?

Much like how you can give MP negative keywords so it can filter the people it follows, is there a tool that I can feed a large number of hashtags into and tell it “exclude ones that contain the word “free””?

Thinking out loud, it probably can be done in excel, but it is way above my paygrade.

I am not sure if MP has this feature, however I can tell you an easy way using excel or any other document which contains a list of hashtags.

  1. Open the document containing all the hashtags
  2. Hit CTRL and F at the same time. This will make the find box appear.
  3. In the find box, search for word that you want to exclude.
  4. Every occurrence of that word will be highlighted. You can then delete those ones.

Yeah, a manual approach is always possible, I was just being lazy I guess.

It is your “fault” actually :slight_smile: Following your guides, I’ve collected a lot of hashtags. Now, I just need to scrub off some of the obvious ones so I can check the rest manually.

Tisk Tisk!


Ps. If you do scrub off some of the obvious ones, please feel free to share your final results with the community so they dont need to repeat the same tasks. Just like I did the research on relating hashtags. Gota pay it forward :smiley:

Will do! When I’ve scrubbed a good amount of them, I’ll create a list and share it.


Awesome! I cant wait to see it. Tag me if you remember to.