Email Confirmation LOOP? Problem

So I don’t know how to say this but for the last week or so I have some accounts with something new to me.

If I keep pressing “Send security code” I will get “Sorry, there was a problem…”
The first option was to email verification, but when I press to send the code is redirecting me to SMS verification; None work, I tried to reset the password, delete cookies, change proxies and nothing happens I even try to log in from my personal phone. The accounts are on girls niche but there are just reposting, 3-4 posts top on these accounts. The rest of my accounts are okay.

Any ideas?
Thank you!

anyone? please?


In my experience, that should be that your account is flagged or even deactivated. If this is a personal account, you can contact Instagram support and ask for help. As you’ve said you can’t even log in your phone. So, they will help you.

P.S: not ever mention that you were using automation software.