Email Confirmation Loop tons of accounts

Hey everyone, I run close to 400 accounts, datacenter proxies, 2 per per proxy, and between 40-60 accounts everyday are in an email verification loop. Some clients say they received no email from IG, others did and accepted login attempts. Regardless the program keeps saying email confirmation. Then I tried to tell them to change their passwords, turn two factor on and off, still no luck for most accounts. Most of them are on the verge of cancelling, any thoughts? I’ve had 4g proxies(20 of Henry Cooper’s to test) And it didn’t make a difference, still was stuck in the loop. Any help greatly appreciated.


Having no issues right here. Did you change the device ID’s to overcome the last block wave? This could be the issue.

Yes, did not work to get past email confirmation for me.

But this could be the problem. You could get email verifications by changing the device ID.

Only changed them once, been days since then, some get verified by phone but not all.

@zpalmisano A lot of people started clearing their cookies and/or resetting their device ID (all this is discussed in the mega thread)…did you try that?

This could be the problem for those verifications, just don’t change device IDs, only if it is the last option.

Hey how would I clear cookies? Device Id reset worked for some.

I switched to a new proxy for one of my accounts today and got stuck in a ‘email confirmation’ loop. If I opened the EB and tried to login, after clicking ‘login’ the IG page loops back to the start again.

I fixed this by restoring cookies from a Jarvee backup. That account is now running fine.

I did have a lot of the same issues with several accounts. I was stuck in a login loop and had success with some of the accounts by choosing a local VPN on NordVPN (account was based in Indonesia, so i chose a VPN in Indonesia) and then logging in WITHOUT going through a proxy. Also, before I did that, I reset the device ID on the account(s). That worked with some of the accounts and finally got me out of the login loop problem.

how would you change the device id on an iphone???

Hey sir, I experienced this a few days ago, and what really helped me to solve this was just letting the accounts rest for a few days and then, trying to verify them again.

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Yap this is right. wait for one week in my experience.
After that you can try login again with other device.

I get EV every time I clear cookies on most of my accounts

Anyone else still dealing with email confirmation loops?

I have them on 5% of my accounts, reset id, change proxy doesn’t work.