Email Confirmation ( NO CODES )

Hello guys,
i have 350 accounts running well since last 5 days im gettings Email confirmation on some accounts so far 28 accounts and i dont receive the codes on the emails, anyone else have this problem?
and is there any solutions?
Thank you guys!

I had a few accounts that didn’t get the email verification code in the past. What back then worked for me was resetting the password as this seemed to like clear the pipe for messaging coming from IG. Worked every time around 5 month ago :upside_down_face:


which settings are you using?

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This has nothing to do with any settings man…

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im going to try it now.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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its not related to the settings :slight_smile:

i know… but if you are running 350 accounts and they are ok then i wanna know which settings you are using…

btw: the email confirmation occurs when the account has a suspicious new login from a different location… so you should contact your client to verify that login and release the alert.

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i dont run clients accounts! its my own accounts i promote CPA offers and all are aged accounts first login for them since years was on same proxy they are running on.

about my settings i do run on DC proxy one account per proxy
i start slow 40 to 45 in the actions per day with 5 increasing per day until reach 190 to 195 per day