Email creation software


Anyone knows how to create emails using some software
emails like : gmail,yahoo,,aol,etc…

Thank you for your help

How many u want to create and on what platform u r going to use?

tavel bot - can create most types of emails

Where can you find it,googled but did not find anything.

Literally the first result on google :wink:


how many days approxx one account last?

I would suspect that depends on the Email provider, your usage, and what IP you create them with.

Tavel is a good guy :slight_smile:

i am askin about the creation. if create myself after buying the software what are the results.
if it is worth it to spend the money on the software only then put money on it.

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As I said, the results depend on what you do with the accounts afterward. If you use them for heavy spam they will get shut down sooner or later depending on the Provider you create them with.

The software itself is not the issue here, it’s only part of the process. If you create 500 accounts with the same datacenter IP, you will run into issues - not because of the email creator but because you didn’t pay attention to the other factors in account creation.

The software is fine and won’t be the issue for this.

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