Email domains when registering several IG accounts

I am looking to create a slew of IG accounts with proxies via MP. I have 3 of my own domains available for email creations, each very different from each other. If I create random email addresses with my own bought domains for each, will that cause any suspicions on IG’s side? Even if I’m using proxies? Thx in advance!

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If you were going this route I’d imagine each new account would need its own domain with its own email, which will add up! Everyone uses gmail,, etc, but no one but you will be using those emails which may raise red flags. That’s just how I THINK it would work but I’m no expert. The advantage to having a domain for each one would mean you’d have an email for each account but also a uinique landing page to promote your offer(s). So with just the 3 domains across say 10 accounts that may be risky, but 10 domains and 10 accounts would work extremely well.

Thanks for the info. My thinking was that registered independent domains would less inclined to be flagged. I’m thinking I’ll go the free email route. Maybe a rotation of gmail, yahoo,,, etc.