Email get's banned while creating new account

Hi folks I have a strange problem.
I’m creating a genuine new account for one of my clients on Instagram.

I go to Instagram and as soon as I type any email in the email field in order to register a new account I get the red circle with the X like it’s not possible to use that email.

Even if I create a new email same happens. So I asked to a friend of mine to create a new account (she is not into IG growth at all) and the same happens to her.

Any idea what is going on?

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This is probably just a safety measure by instagram. The reason why you were not able to create the account yourself was because you’ve created too many accounts on your phone. When you tried creating that account you flagged the email you were trying to sign up with.

Whenever creating a new account, if you know you’ve already made a bunch on the Instagram app, just make an account in the browser version of instagram on your phone.

Try creating the same account with your browser with the same email, but I really doubt it will work, you’ll most likely find what I said is true.

Let us know what happens.


Hi, I’m using browser and new emails. But it’s not just me, I asked few friends to try to create a new account from scratch and they are getting errors to