Email leads/Direct CPA/Offer or Website group spam?

Hello Everyone

I’m no rookie to internet marketing and I know how to hit massive amounts of Facebook groups how to warm them up and all that. My simple question is, do you promote websites with ads on them, promote to squeeze pages or directly to offers. I’m looking for some longer term type cash with facebook not churn and burning like Instagram crap. I’m not looking for a spoon fed method or even niches, just where should I be focusing in terms of marketing on Facebook groups because I know reports = ban ham.

Thanks a lot of any help fellow marketing bros.

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People promote all kind of stuff with group posting. Some are promoting their websites with adsense, some do CPA, while there are also those who promote affiliate offers or do dropshipping.

You’ll have to figure out what works for you. If something works for someone else it doesn’t necessarily means it will work for you.

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This is a question I had earlier on. Its all trial & error & what adnan said figure out what works for you. You can also try both techniques as well and test them out. Its really easy to be overthinking everything lol.

I did squeeze pages capturing hundreds of leads everyday & I did direct offers making hundreds of dollars everyday. Direct offers is what I like most. Its more work but I rather make money right away since my product is affordable +$20 rather than collect some emails that people don’t seem to be opening much in 2017(I may be wrong). Maybe its my poor email marketing skills.

So I like to direct my traffic to my sales page that also has an optional email form. (Using fb messenger)

Group spamming doesn’t work well for me maybe because its saturated niche BUT for my moms niche it works great she makes instant sales posting her product.

Thanks for the replies, the only success I found was doing share posts in groups from my page, totally relevant and people engaged, getting likes on page and having a pinned CPA product on my page. Direct spamming groups kills my account soooo fast.