Email scrapping massively on youtube

How can I scrape massively email addresses from YouTube channels? How can I save them and later how to prepare mail with all those destination emails?
Recommendations please
Thank you folks


I am scraping youtube but it’s a much more difficult task than you probably expect it to be. I needed ±6 months to make the scraping work and now scaling the whole setup. It’s constant work and trial and error, if you haven’t done any scraping in the past you will have a really hard time.

As for the emails, I would say your best bet is scraping the videos of a profile and then look for emails in the descriptions. Getting the emails listed on their profile are locked and you need to solve the captcha to get it, otherwise you are limited to 9 emails per day. I have thousands of accounts connected to my setup so I am able to get ±20,000 emails per day. thousands x 9

Hey. Did you buy Gmail/ youtube accounts for this? And do you also send emails with these emails?