Email Validation on Jarvee

How do you guys mass email validate bulk accounts after buying them on Jarvee? I find that logging into the the email and verifying it using API through a code takes too long if I have to verify 100+ accounts. Anyone know a more efficient way?

Click on the name of the account > then click on “Email Validation” in the top bar. Then input your IMAP/POP settings and your email and email password and it will email validate automatically whenever there is a email validation required.

Also pretty sure there is a format to do this on mass import.


Once accounts are on Jarvee, you can set IMAP/POP settings and automatically verify them as @RustyBread suggested


Is there any way to set up intervals at which a bulk number of accounts would log in to a give proxy? For example, I want to import 15 accounts into 1 mobile proxy. How can I set it up so that the accounts will login and validate themselves with 1 hour in between each login?

Hmm that is a good question. I think you may be able to achieve that by this setting here:

This setting is under “Settings” then “Social Platforms” then “Instagram”. So you would import all accounts on that proxy then select them all and click verify and whatever you have for delay set there should delay them for the specified time.

Someone else can add anything if im wrong on this. Ive never used it before.


No, it does work as you explained :slight_smile:
@WingLee do as RustyBread suggested!
But the accounts will still login at the same time onto the proxy, just the validation, if there is one, will happen in intervals…
Don’t know if that specific feature exists on Jarvee… Just contact their support, they reply fast!

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@RustyBread What if I’m trying to verify by code from the account’s email? Would the “Email Validation” tab still work?

My Situation:
I bought a couple IG accounts from bhw and when I try to log them on in the proxy, it gives me an “Email Confirmation” error which is expected. I used to just manually log on to the email on another browser and get the 6-digit verification code from there. Then I would input the code to verify via API. The problem is, I’m trying to scale up right now and this method of manually logging on takes a lot of time esp. considering I have 100+ accounts to log in with. Is there a faster way of doing this?

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Yes if you input the email details on that one tab it will verify all the accounts that need email verification automatically for you

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Thank you! I think the root of my problem was that the actual emails need verification ): That’s why I couldnt log in.
Are there any account providers that you vouch for?

I’ve set up the email validation but I’m still told I need to click in the link in the email to validate the account.

Is there a way to validate it now through the API? I don’t want to do it through my own browser.

Is it just me or does auto email verification not work anymore?