Email verification led to disabled account

A slave account was asked for email verification.
When I entered the details through social profiles - email validation I was told it could not login - although I manually logged in no problem.

I then clicked “verify email address” under social profiles and after “validating”, the status changed to account disabled.

Why would this action lead to a disabled account?
Is it best to always verify using the EB on Jarvee (I didn’t)?

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Happened to me before, probably you used that phone number for PV more than two times in two weeks period.

I wasn’t asked for PV from Insta, just EV.

The same thing happened to me (email verification, then account ban). I don’t know how to prevent it, either…

Can you give us some more info on what the account was doing?

Settings? Proxy? Overall account history with PVs and EVs?

One thing I notice is that if I verify the email myself when I first create the account, I usually don’t see the email verification message in jarvee (for several child accounts all just following and sending DMs)

disabled accounts appear in JARVEE as “Email Verification” .

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Oh, good to know… thanks!

same case, some disable accounts appear as “Email Verification”
I loged in EB and it’s show account is disable.

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I agree,its not related to email verification.I had this on many accounts.

not the same problem but similar:

In the last days i often get this message when i try to email verify/confirm an account:

“failed to confirm via email - This field is required.” OR
“An error has occured check that you have entered the right code”

So it was likely disabled the first time Jarvee showed it was asked for email verification?

I guess in future it’s best to go straight to the EB when asked for EV to see what’s actually going on then?

exactly. Would be nice to see the actual error in jarvee though.

Would any of these lead to the account ban?

Anyway, it seems difficult to recover a banned account and it only had a few hundred followers, so best to just forget about it?

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I shared the same experience but for 2 biz accounts, took about 1 week to get back. If you really want the accts back you have to send in multiple requests daily.

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It’s really hard to get it back, they don’t care about customers, got one account hacked before like 2 years, it was big account with 150k+ followers, had OG e-mail and everything and they didn’t want to give it back to me, support really sucks, and it’s the same way if they just disable your account, they don’t give a shit about it, and won’t enable it again in 90% cases

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To be honest I just want to understand what I did wrong to get it disabled.
Settings were lower than recommended, HC raw mobile proxy (other a/c on it was fine), and is copyright free.

Maybe the profile photo from

so you guess is posting lead your account banned?

Well as is copyright free, maybe it was the profile photo from (not sure if this is copyright free or not).