Email verification problem: MP

Do any of you know how to verify email verification with

I can usually verify directly by clicking on email verify account. It has not been possible for a few days and I am reporting this notice:

jasundefined_baounnw36c - failed to confirm via email - -ERR NEOBHODIM parol prilozheniya Пароли для внешних приложений — Помощь Почта / Application password is REQUIRED

What can I do?

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It is possible your email has been blacklisted - or account has an action block while you got verification. That means action block needs to expire in order for you to get the verification codes on email. One of those are your solution

Nah those emails can’t get codes on ig

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You can suggest me what kind of email you can verify direcly by clicking on email verify account?

The main factor is usually if the email is active or not. If you use an email on some providers and don’t login they will close the account.

Generally hotmail, yahoo, rambler, are the ones with issues. Gmail can also be a tough one if you use the wrong ip.

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Which type of mail service do you prefer to use while creating scraper accounts?

You need to create a password in the account that allows external applications to access the verification code

Here is what the MP team sent me when I asked about it

On the email account, please go to Settings > All Settings > All security settings > then under Login Methods, click on Passwords for external applications > click Add and enter mp as the name (you may be asked again for the account password after this step, please enter it) then it will show the generated app password after (1st image below). Copy that and paste it on the Email validation tab’s password field, then TEST IMAP/POP3 again and you should get an ‘email is valid’ message (2nd image below)