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Hi Guys,

I have been sending more emails lately approximately once a week with mailchimp but I have noticed my open rate have decreased. Can it be the issue that mailchimp is detected as a spam ?

Thank you

Mailchimp is not detected as spam, is more about the following questions;

Are your emails well targeted and personalised?
Is your email list clean?
Is your message too Spammy?

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A lot of people use this trick:

Re: The latest deal’

Or send a freebie out to re-engage people.

Used the re trick sparingly (some brands overdo it and emails never end up getting opened as people become immune to it!)


Yes the email list is clean. We target it as well. We are in the luxury industry so there is a certain wording we can’t use. Do you have any tips on how to improve the open rates ?

Thank you

Try to change the subject line and add some emojis also consider the time when sending emails. Make sure you don’t send them at 3am. I saw a lot of improvement in open rates when sending them about 6pm, for example.