Emailing Open Rate average

Hi guys,

What is your average open rate for a 8K email base ? Thank you

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Highly depends on the subject line and content phrasing, the quality of the emails and the accounts you are sending it from. There is no exact answer to that.

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I’m doing cold emailing for emails scraped from Instagram from a specific niches, i’m managing sending them directly to inbox, the open rate is 30%

how do you do that?
I know how to screpe emails from my nice from social media…
but which service you recommend for mass emailing?


Thank you for your help. My emailing base has grown up but I noticed the open rate has decreased. So I was either wondering if the more you grow the more you reach less people or if that is due to content phrasing. Thanks

It has nothing to do with the amount of email addresses as far as I know. That said, I always send out smaller batches more times, instead of going for hundreds or thousands at once. My open rates are between 40-65% using clean, hard bounced addresses.

I use to have an open rate between 50-60% it has dropped to around 40% lately, I will try to change the copywriting. Thanks for the advice

Nothing too exciting, 22% more or less.

Please tell us the best software for sending bulk email ?

If anyone needs targeted emails shoot me a message. I have a huge database :smiley:

I don’t know guys if most of you talk about obt-in data. But when i was sending 100-300k emails a day which are not obt-in , just scraped from instagram, I was very happy to get even 10% open rate cause that means i will get clients to my clients management…

However, its really hard to do , because many smtp providers ban pretty fast accounts which are sending mass emails which are not subscribers(obt-in) data.

I would be really interested to know how you could send mass emails which are not obt-in and still manage to have let’s say 10% open rate. I would be willing to pay for that!

really dpeendes there is no number