Embedded browser actions/questions

yo. so when i switch to ONLY USE EMBEDDED FOR ALL ACTIONS but still have some filters checked, it automatically uses another account to scrape. if i switch all of them to only embedded, what happens? am i following or liking the sources raw without any filtering? also, why am i getting error 550, not logged into account via API shortly after start activity? thanks

No, if you have “USE ONLY THE EMBEDDED BROWSER” checked on all your accounts, the tools will not execute any follow or like actions You will get error code 550.

You get error code 550 when you don’t have any accounts that Jarvee can use to scrape for your main accounts.

  • you set all accounts to USE ONLY THE EMBEDDED BROWSER, or
  • when you have scraper accounts, but they have invalid status in Social Profiles tab, or
  • the scraper accounts are not tagged correctly (if you use the tagname method).
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Thanks. I set all that up and things are going smoothly now. Question: even if sources are scraped and sent to main, when I follow source list with main, it still tries to grab a scrapper to do something with. If sources are already in main and only need to be executed, why is this need for a scrapper happening? Further, I have a dedicated scrapper to the account, why would it grab a different scrapper? If Jarvee just grabs an available account to scrape with, should I be having a few extra ones logged in but not doing anything? Does it help with the load or is it just a glitch. Thanks!!

not all actions could be done from the EB only, there are some actions that require API calls that is why you should always have some accounts logged from the API and working properly (scrapers) because Jarvee will use them to do the necessary API calls for that action itself.

Even if all sources have been scraped it will still need some additional API calls to execute the actual action, for example for your filters etc.

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thanks, but i have no filters on the main.

yes, I understand but even with that, Jarvee still needs to do some API calls using an account that is logged from the API.

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Yes, I’m just discovering that. Do you have any idea how those extra scrappers get chosen? Like are they randomly picked by Jarvee or does Jarvee choose based on availability?

Jarvee chooses the scrapers based on their availability (valid, non-valid…etc) in case a scraper gets blocked Jarvee will use another one to do the necessary API calls.

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