Embedded Browser - Black Screen

Hey guys, I just moved to a new VPS with 16 Gb Ram (No big Difference to 4 Gb Ram for some Reason, Jarvee still lagging with 50 accounts), but the main issuse I am having is when I am opening the EB it does only show a Black Screen. Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Black screen usually means there’s a proxy issue. if your proxies use IP authentication, you need to whitelist the new VPS IP from the control panel on your proxy provider’s website. Then make sure you use https://www.instagram.com as the url to use to verify the proxies in Proxy Manager tab, and reverify the proxies.

How many primary EB are working at the same time? (Settings > Embedded browser tab)

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Thank you so much @ossi, exactly how you described! <3

no problem :slight_smile: if your JV is still lagging try to reduce the number of primary EB in Embedded browser tab.

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I changed it to 5 Main Browsers and 10 Secondary (was 15 / 20 before), but It’s still lagging like Hell on the 16 GB RAM and only 3 GB are used. I have 45 Scrapers and 50 Mains loaded.

also, keep in mind that it’s not just about RAM CPU is very important as well, make sure to have a powerful one