Embedded Browser Error

When using the embedded browser, does anyone get the error message " * Failed to execute follow - account not logged in. A login operation will be executed." How do I go about fixing this?

Yes, I have this on a few accounts. My settings are set to use EB only if API is blocked. btw both EB and API are blocked for me - but i can still follow/like in app!

Try this, check the top one of these in the profile section.

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Yeah I got this too, the way I got around it was to go into the profile in Social Profiles, click Browse and manually log in there. It’ll probably ask you to enter a code sent to the mobile number associated with the account.

Once you’ve logged in, exit out and restart the follow tool and you should be good. :100:


Thanks for this, will check it out! How does having this ticked help the account stay logged in?

Same error here, if I try to manually use the EB, all works fine. What should I do? Thanks.