Embedded browser not automatically doing actions even though it is enabled

Hi all.
So in JV settings I have enabled JV to do actions in the EB automatically when I have been action blocked, but it’s not doing anything (in the settings and I have enabled use EB when is blocked).
I can do actions in the EB manually but JV doesn’t do these things automatically. I have no idea why JV doesn’t do it or is unable to do it, it just keeps giving the red <!> behind my account action, like follower or like, for action blocked. Does anyone know why or can offer tips?

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plz re-check your settings…EB doing fine with jv…

I did a few times but I don’t know what else to do…

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Uncheck “Do not use EB to login”


configure your software like that, it will help you

He wanted to use EB only when block happens…these settings are for do actions only using EB…

Ah this well, leave it as you have it and uncheck the option that the has told you companion said

You are preventing jarvee from starting in the EB

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Okay I will do this and see if it works and report back, thanks in advance!


I see now! Thank you. I have unchecked the option and will see if it works :slight_smile:


Hi Julian, why would you use the setting to log out from eb when action is blocked? Isn’t it best to stay logged in for verification reasons and also wouldn’t it do better staying logged in? Thanks

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The delay time of my configurations sometimes is not enough to re-try the function when it is locked, but when closing and logging in again, it resolves the temporary locks, so I use it

Interesting. I sometimes have issues so have to re log in. I’ll use the same setting. Thanks bud

Yes, you are right. That no longer works.

We had to stop that logic because it was triggering the account compromised message coming from Instagram.

It looks like Instagram has something in place to detect that.

If you are getting blocked through the API most of the time, we recommend checking the box to follow using the Embedded Browser only.

We will hide those options in the next update to avoid getting more of our users confused.


Api is working superb for me today! I’ve been following since 8am and no blocks. Out of 25 accounts only 2 got Compramised and 1 every now and then needs re logging in. Apart from that I’m following, liking, story viewing, dming and commenting. No blocks at all! :heart_eyes:

Meaning there was a new api update? @A_J @JRVTeam

Also what type of proxies? Mobile or DC

My server would be thankful if api was usable again. They sweatin

I’m not sure since the last was on the 16th and my accounts were block since 2 days ago. It could be? Or pot luck on the settings?

I’m using DC. I have a single account to each proxy mate

I have another 8 accounts underneath these all performing the same!

Here’s the results today…

Currently running blockfree on dc’s aswell but my servers arent able to handle it too well so might try it again. 2 per proxy sometimes 3. Will see.

Would love to hear about J making an official statement that the Api was fixed @JRVTeam

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Are you using the API?

Thanks Steve for keeping us updated.
We really appreciate the JV knowledge and updated information you are adding to this forum.
People have just not realized you are on this forum yet, but your inside information is extremely valuable.
I discovered the fallacy of the EB when blocked feature awhile ago and disabled it, but having you verify this information is much appreciated.
Thanks again and please keep posting and keeping us updated as much as you can

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No, we just finished making changes to how the EB works.

We still need at least another 2 weeks before finishing the changes at the API level.

Thank you, I will do my best to keep you guys updated.