Embedded Browser or API?

Hello, I am tented to Disable Embedded Browser and use only API instead because it uses less CPU, a good or a bad idea ?

Does Embedded Browser or API has advantages and disadvantages ?

Thank you.

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My experience was when I disable the EB, I cannot hit the limits. As far as I know, the MP developers are not sure what is causing unsuccessful API calls, but I guess it has something to do with aggressive settings. In short, try it for yourself and if it is successful in hitting the limits, good for you.

@abbecain is right…every action executed on Instagram is equal to 1 API call and if you do a lot of API calls, Instagram may refuse it, thus the follow action will not be executed. When the API fails to do the follow, Mass Planner will then execute the action on the embedded browser, so if you disabled the embedded browser, MP can’t follow.

How many simultaneous connections you recommend for 100 accounts ?

For simultaneous connections, it depends on how many accounts you have, it is mainly for non-Instagram accounts as they are the ones that use the embedded browser for executing actions. As for Instagram, in Settings<Social Platforms<Instagram, you can have 100 concurrent Instagram connections, that’s the optimal setting.

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