Embedded Browser Stuck on Search? **UPDATE

Hi All

Just set up 3 test accounts on the EB in advanced settings and they have not followed 1 account in over an hour (the follow tab says searching) any ideas how to fix or do I just have to wait til it does its thing ?

Thank you

How many sources do you have? Try deleting and re-adding them, just so you know, the more information you share the more we can help.


Might be the amount of sources you have. try adding one source with about 10k followers and it should work.

Thanks for the replies guys, I had a few sources on each account so I have deleted and added one source for each to see if that works ! Will let you guys know thank you again.

@runninx77 @Cudi One source seems to have worked, thank you both for your reply ! up to 29 follows now so thank you again ! (JV support didnt offer much in the way of assistance so appreciate you both taking the time to reply !)


You got it bro!