Embedded Browser VS. API

Hey everyone, I have read some different posts in regards to API and embedded browser, but still have some questions:

Why does embedded browser get such a bad rep? What are the risks of using EB?

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Yeah, I think Instagram is an application designed for mobile and more than 95% of Real users use Instagram by their mobile phones daily.
So I highly recommend use API more than EB.


Well with all these blocks that are going on, EB is the only thing that’s fixing all this


That is my experience too, except for 1 account

Is it “fixing” anything? I don’t think so because the problem remains. Does it work through the EB is a diff story…i had a few accounts not blocked and coincidentally all on EB to follow. (Dc, Mobile, proxies so no correlation there). All accounts are off at the moment until we can comb through more data :pray:t3::pray:t3:


So EB is the safe way to go, you say?

There’s a big red flag with most API based bots. They don’t emulate the FB graph calls that the real app makes.

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I didnt say EB is risk totally but I recommend use API (that reason why people use mobile proxies for better results). It depends on each other strategies.
Btw thank you for your information

Its really hard to say at this time. I have tried using API only as I thought it would end up being safer than EB and today I ended up with most of my clients blocked while EB on some of their accounts still works fine.

Its probably best to wait out the storm and then start testing again before drawing too many conclusions.


I appreciate everyone’s responses. For now, I am going to put all clients on EB while waiting for an update so then I can switch back to API.

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Jarvee automatically use embedded browser when API action are blocked, and I’ve few accounts which automatically do some action on embedded browser as well, and I don’t see any problem on that. Just more bandwidth.

This is not the same.
EB is a true browser controlled from the outside. Theoretically, it is the same, but in practice, not exactly the same.

How much cpu do you need for these 150 accounts?

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exactly, thats why all these problems

I have 90% blocked and can follow via EB as well…

What the heck

Does this mean its a software issue or IG?

Well I switched everyone on EB and I’m still getting blocks…

Did anyone tried to open the embedded browser, trough the app, and try to follow someone trough that browser manually ?
Even when I’m EB and API blocked, if I open the tools, and click on “browse profile”, and search for random user, and click on Follow, it works without any “block” message, but Jarvee still receives it as a “block” and shows the little red pill.

There’s no fucking correlation between all our blocks, experiences, and thoughts. And this is what is super strange, that’s why I still believe there’s an issue from Robots side, and not from Instagram. But its my personal thought.


I will try this out to see

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Same happening to me

Please submit a ticket to let them know what is going on