Emededded and iphone ok together?

Jarvee advises me to not use iphone, or maybe they are saying be consistent? Not sure. But they say IG does not like to see one bouncing around devices.

Disclaimer: I am only only a single person – small business with one account, soon maybe two - only one one legit Home IP.

I was blocked for awhile and am now clear.
Question, not that anyone knows, but it seems to me that it is more natural to use the iphone and then go to EB and back and forth a bit. I used to be 100% iphone, Now I’m leaning 100% EB. Still have not posted or done anything with Javrvee since block lifted a few days ago, except some minimal manual liking and following.

I post on this issue as it’s so tedious using EB 100%. At least I would like to do some casual manual likes and browsing on iphone.

I know there are no definitive answer on this but just asking anyway.

Embedded browser is simply simulating browser’s request to access instagram, if you want to use your iphone, the user agent should be iphone and the requests should be similar to those of the iphone’s browser.

Maybe jarvee is saying not to use Iphone because they only implemented the requests from an android which could be different from the iphone ones, that would be an instant red flag for instagram.

Talking about this in a public forum (like it has been done for a while here now) guarantees that those methods stop working, the IG security team is one google research away, who’s saying they do not read those kind of forums everyday ?

Thanks LUkos. I initially posted in the Level 2 forum but did not receive one response after waiting a week or two.

This is an important question. I did not understand a word of your reply to my question, but hopefully someone else can jump in and help me. thanks.

How did you get to level 3 if you don‘t understand a word of his answer ?

I am level 1 and I understand everything.

Level 2 is not about knowledge but how long are you here.
I switch between jv and iphones daily without any problems, but I use the same iphones proxy for jv.

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Thanks Pierre. Your jv is embedded on a laptop/ desktop and then you pop in with your iphone later.

That’s what I did for years, (and I would always turn off jv when going to iphone)

But jv, says to just stay with computer embedded, but of course they are guessing.

Are you all embedded or use api? I’m trying now to stay awaw from api…

For those doing automation for clients who use the app that’s impossible. Any other solution?