Empty caption when reposting

Hello, I’m having a problem with my captions being deleted when I’m reposting.
How do I fix this?

If you are using DC proxies there is a higher chance for this to happen and you will need to “rest” account longer.
Stop all actions for 3 days and then repost only for two more days. Then you can continue the usual actions.

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I had the same problem in jv are u using jv ?

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Yes i am using it. Is it very bad to just “steal” the caption with the “originalpostcaption”?

No , it is not bad, but You can also add Your own caption. When You repost a lot of posts, i think that IG can detect automation and don’t allow to repost post or caption

Please provide evidence for this.

Because when this happened to my accounts, only the ones on DC were affected. I am talking about 28 out of 35 accounts being affected on DC proxies and 0 out of 78 on 4G.
Of course, if your account is of low quality, you will get problems with posts either way, but, from what I have seen by experimenting on low quality accounts, the ones on 4G recover faster and have less restrictions (DC were not allowed to post at all on bought accounts and 4G ended up with empty captions). These were low quality accounts from marketplace that I decided to test, they are not included in the 35 DC and 78 4G I mentioned at first.

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Thanks kindly. I think that your testing pool is a decent enough size to consider a legitimate gauging. Would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced the same. :slight_smile:


Just reset device IDs for that account. I had this happen on 3 of my accounts the other day, I have 10+ running on DCs who are reposting and DMing every day and everything works perfectly, no need to waste money on 4G.

I have experienced the same. Using DC proxies that are self-created so should be good to go but I guess even that IP range was quite abused by instagram. Always had problems posting in general but captions were always hit and miss.

Do you use DC proxies or mobile @embraceone ?

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Typical DC + Trustlevel problem. Resting the account sometimes helps.

Resetting Device ID works 99% of the time for me.

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