Enable Instagram Guides

Hey! Is there any way for new Accounts to enable the “Guides” feature. I know it’s possible with Reels, but i have not found a way with guides. Maybe someone here knows more than i do.
I already

  • clicked on guides
  • saved guides
  • liked guides
  • spend time on guides
  • Send a “report a Problem” message to Instagram saying that I can not create guides.

Any other ideas?

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I didn’t know that Guides did not exist by default for newer accounts, this is a learning thing. How do you access the Guides action though if you can’t create it? I have never came across one so far.

Clicking the “+” and it should show Post - Story - other Stuff and - Guides

What I’m talking about is if there’s a place where you can check out all guides available instead of checking out the guides made by each user (if any). Do you just go through random users’ profiles and check if they have published guides? That’s the only way I can see now on how you can see them.

You can see all the giudes in the shop section. Just under the search bar there is a tag with “guides” and from there you can see relevant guides for you.

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