End of June, Start of July Megasale Megathread

If you guys find any, post it i’ll update the list here. :wink:

For the one above, sorry guys, seems i’m too late, it was on LET so most of it is snapped up by them.

Keywords: Summer sales, July the 4th,


Is that LowEndTalk? Does it have any connection with LowEndBox?

It is the same guys who run it. LEB is paid promo.

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I check up the forum. It looks quite messy and the offers are not as good as Lowendbox

LEB offers expire and limited in quantity. Deals like these will not be shown on LEB, the fastest source is LET.

You mean LET right?

Nope. LEB. Well it depends on what proj you’re looking to do really. Both sources are ok, i just go on to LET to check for reviews etc. Some of them never appear on LET, i prefer host that engage the community and is open.

There is comment section on LEB though

By the way, when will that offer ends?

Also, do you know any cheap Singaporean or anywhere that is near Indonesia server?

You have been on the forum long enough to know how not to double post.

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