End of my Page growth

Do you think it’s uselss to focus on Facebook page growth because i think now facebook is good only for people who want to sell or who want to spam on groups but for growth i saw my page have been killed with organic reach i saw that ads can help no even with very good results with ads this pay to play company don’t help you i saw people tell rest the account for 1 month i have done nothing,contacted the support they told me there is no problem with your page lool i go “strangly” from 100like in 15minutes every day in about 9months and then 10 like in 1 hour ridiculous

I saw people telling that groups are the future of Facebook… but is it really worth it because i have a group linked to my page but with no member
Do i have to buy some aged account is it still working for growth ? And all what i see is that even login with bots are now difficult with facebook so what should i do ? Help please

Hey again, man. The crucial question you need to ask yourself here is - what do you want to do with your Facebook Page? I mean, the numbers don’t mean anything, and high number of followers don’t translate to anything when it comes to Facebook Page. So, what do you want to do with it - sell a product, provide a service, or something else? Depending on your goal, you can develop a method that can help you achieve it.

The problem is there bro because it’s seems like my goal is not compatible with the facebook of the last 3 years like i said it’s about growth my goal is to get many likes and followers high engaging community so i can get partnerships with brands because it’s not a simple page i wanna grow a brand with quality content that’s why it seems pretty much dead for me the only marketer i see happy with facebook is the ones who sells with ads or span with multiple accounts

Yeah, it is true that the ones who are successful are the advertisers and spammers on Facebook.

My honest opinion is that you can’t achieve partnerships with a Facebook Page - maybe some are doing it but those are the exception, not the rule. If you are looking to build a brand and connect with people by having social influence, Instagram is the way to go. That’s just how things stand right now.

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Yes true that’s what i think too so i just have to stop using facebook and focus 100% on Insta and use facebook only if i have enough money and knowledge level to buy multilogin and use high quality accounts to use them just to sell with ads or spam cpa ?

Also what do you think realistically on Facebook future do you think it will stay like that for long time because i saw in f8 keynote that they gonna “change” lot of things design,libra,focusnon friend groups ,messenger,cross platforming with wp and insta… Do you think people with all this stuff gonna get back to facebook and it will be the facebook of before or it will just a chaos like it is now and people gonna quit more the platform only 3rd country and Sandy 64 years old who will still use it because if it’s stays like that with all this problems and also you can’t sign up easly and you can’t even use a account just for business like on other sm you have to create a page in your personnal profile or a group like wtf why not help users love your platform it’s like they do it on purpose to disgust people to use it