[ENDED] FREE Giveaway Instagram Accounts

Hi, guys.
Im giving away some IG accounts that i’ve created.

Im also looking for feedback on the accounts.(Dont run right of the bad extreme settings)

FACTS about the accounts:
Created with Temporary Emails.
They’re not email verified.
Right after they got created, it did random actions. Up to 6 Likes/Follows.
They are fresh accounts.
Created with Unique IP’s.
I’ve tried accounts myself, profiled works. with URL(i tried weebly) in Bio brings PVA but successfully verifed it.

If you are interested PM ME. I will send [1] account per user.


What do u mean by temporary emails? Does it mean these accounts won’t have the original creation emails, and can’t be retrieved if they were banned or hacked later?

I use multiple temporary email sites.
Some allow to re-use the address and receive emails on it. Other don’t.
For this giveaway i will give accounts that you can re-use address.

This is EXACTLY what it means. I wouldn’t touch these unless it is for testing purposes. No offense to OP but I’ve been burned with these temp email before, not worth even trying them in my opinion.

Usually with these temp emails you can receive, but you cannot send so if when the disable hammer hits you cannot send that needed email with the photo.

Yes. That’s true. Unless you change the email after getting it. There is no way to send email to recover account.
I use it for “spam” OGAds LP’s

You can always use the original email account attachted to retrieve any “hacked” / stolen account. I haven’t had an account banned, and even I know this. As @mojojojo said, seems a bit sketchy.

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Is it fine if i could have one?

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Hey uhm pls send me an acct

:crazy_face: The thread title:

[ENDED] FREE Giveaway Instagram Accounts