Engage before posting

Hi All,

Lately, we were testing a few engagement tactics, all done manually in the IG app.
What we would like to do is to automate the following process:

Engage with a selected number of followers and non-followers before posting.

  • Like Posts(80%)
  • Like comments (10%)
  • Comment (10%)
  • View Stories.
    At the end create a new post (maybe all done in a 15 mins range)

We were able to see an increase in the ER for these posts and a few extra followers too.
Do you know how to achieve this in Jarvee?


How many actions of each are you doing in a 15 min period prior to posting?

How many for followers and how many for non-followers?

What ER% increase are you seeing by doing these actions?

I also do this constantly to get my followers to interact with my profile, which should increase the chances of them seeing it naturally in their feed.

Although on days that I post I do the actions after posting, not before. Or a 50/50 mix.

Keep in mind this is manually. You can spam as much as you want in 15 basically if its manual…

I think this may be something of importance. From what I have heard, the new IG update is based around authentic socializing, favoring those who actually talk to others on the app.

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I found the best results I got for increasing my post engagement was setting the automated likes to constantly be liking posts from accounts who like/ comment on my posts. After 2 weeks I noticed a huge spike in my engagement, particularly consistent comments from the same new accounts. I then started manually commenting on the accounts who comment on me. But I found that by continually and consistently (auto) liking those who engage with me kept them coming back, I am also guessing this back and forth engagement helps to boost my posts in their newsfeed (to do with the algorithm).


I always engage with followers before I post something, sometimes even for 30 minutes.
Liking, commenting and reacting to stories have made my ER go up a significant amount.
The more people have contact with your profile the more likely your posts will show up in their feed = more engagement on your new posts


I totally agree with you here. We experienced the same.

@Jay_Grylls That’s exactly what we are doing manually, we want to automate it, without spamming of course.
Guys any idea how to do it in Jarvee?

  1. Tools
  2. Click on account
  3. Click on the Like tab
  4. Click on Sources (between settings and results)
  5. Check/enable “Like posts of users that interacted with posts on target accounts
  6. Put in the username of the account you have selected
  7. Set your settings based on your own testings (warm up to 100-200 total per day, and increase if you can)
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I haven’t tried this before but definitely makes sense! Thanks for sharing. Also, are you using F/UF or any other automation on the account? (aside from the automating the likes you mentioned) :slight_smile:

What sort of increase in your ER did you see? Great to here it has worked for ya!

Maybe I was not clear enough, I know how to use the Like in Jarvee, what we are looking for is a way to automate this actions and at the end post a picture.
Basically, Engagement of X minutes or X actions + Posting to IG.

I’ll be happy to tell you how to automate it once you answer my previous question in this post on the number of actions.

Could you give number values instead of useless percentage values.

much appreciated!

I guess you could set up a specific time of the day to post and then have one interval that runs before your posting time for 15 minutes and have all the tools on high settings for that period.

Don’t think there is an option to have actions stacked after each other like that.

You don’t need any values to answer my question, if what you want is to understand our strategy you can ask nicely and don’t be rude, cheers. (A bit of education and politeness never killed nobody )

Thanks Mate, I will try to set up a run like that but I couldn’t find the way to have multiple runs configured, and I don’t want to change the ones that are actually working.

The number of actions doesn’t affect at all the automation for this, I don’t understand why you want to know it.

First of all the numbers do matter. To give you the correct automation action settings for both follower and non-follower actions in a 15 minute period, it is imperative I know how many actions need to be accomplished for each area.

The settings are based upon actual # of operations for a length of time, not percentages.

I also want to provide ‘safe’ settings and not recommend any settings that I feel might be unsafe.

I am not going to post recommendations based on percentages that based on account size would calculate to liking or commenting 100’s or 1000’s of actions in 15 minutes. I would end up getting everyone with a medium to large following banned that implemented my recommendations.

Also if you ER% increase is significant enough, I would like to test it myself on some of my own accounts. You post on this forum asking for people to help you accomplish your goals but do not want to reciprocate with information that would help others.

There are many people on this forum that will help those that help others, but there is little help for takers only.