Engagement dropping, no reason?


I just wanted to ask why my engagement is dropping hard? No bots on the accounts, all organic follower. I used to get 600-1k and now I get maybe 400 Likes…

Would be very happy about help, thank you!

How often do you post?

And how big is the account? How is your reach? Etc.

It looks like just one or two posts didn’t do well as well. That happens sometimes. Especially posting on a Friday

I also saw engagement dropping in first hour, but thank you for your response. Ill open again when it wont get better in a week :slight_smile:

No problem. The reason I said Friday was because the same thing happened to me today as well. Yeah, let me know if it’s a trend

still dropping hard…

I looked at your page again and it’s not a dramatic change. If you see a consistent trend over this upcoming week (I.e. next Saturday), then it may be instagram limiting your exposure briefly to get you to pay for ads and then they’ll raise it again.

I have archived the posts and starting offering this page for a sale, because it is limiting me. Should i pay for ads and then they will raise it again?

They’ll raise it when they’re ready to, is all I can say… and you could try to pay for a $1 ad to see if that jumpstarts anything