Engagement group for everyone

Hey how are you doing? I decided to help the community and I created telegram engagement group that will help boost and grow our accounts. Let me know if you are interested :slightly_smiling_face:


I am interested!!
what is the telegram?

I’ve never taken part in one of these before, would love to try it out.

Engagement group should be niche specific if you actually want to gain something out of it except likes.

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I second this.
I create 3 general Telegram group and found that it’s not doing good at all.

I plant to switch them to niche specific telegram group.
Everything is ready, bot to remove leecher etc.

If some of you want to be a part to this small adventure PM me with your idea I can build 3 quality Engagement groups niche.


Sent you DM bro

It’s entrepreneur niche based

Hi @socialhad, do you have Travel groups? Then I´m interested :blush:

im interested. my niche is fashion/ makeup tho

wow,I am interested!! what is your telegram?

Anyone for food?

i want to join in, whats the telegram account?

I’m pretty sure there are already threads with existing engagement groups.

interested in a guitar group. im currently running a streetwear group and people can dm me for link

I’m interested. My account is mostly based around guitar/music and some travel but I’d join any general group anyway

intrested in joining

What is your niche?

Hi! I wanna join a group for food bussiness do you have it?

how can i join the group?

Anyone in the animals niche let me know. Never been in an engagement group, but would like to try