Engagement group for growing accounts via commenting

Well so i was going through methods or growing via dynamic hashtags and others provided on the forum , i have also come across a new method if anybody is willing to try it out with me . so they idea is we start . i have the proof and will be willing to share with people genuinely interested


  • firstly need accounts with a very high following and engagement . preferably 50K plus .
    -so whenever you post a picture on your account . do the with hashtags that you want and then ask the person with a very high follower account to comment on the picture within the hour
  • when multiple big accounts comment on that same picture . the views and engagement is skyrocketing .

i have been tracing some accounts with 80k-300k following the same brand to build multiple accounts. so if any devs or people here with a decent account wants to give it a shot let me know there is nothing to loose or as far as i know it wont get you in trouble in done properly as well …would like to hear thoughts on this

people interested can comment below with their accounts and following numbers so we can create a group and get started with this

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Ssooooo… an engagement group then?

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@wortime yeah but more like it needs to be done within the hour for maximum results . our engagement groups here which i have come across are mostly liking each others photos so . like let me give you a example . a 2200 following account . on which aaron_nimmo to like . and then other accounts with 300K followings comment on it . you also tag the big account and that generates 5k-37k views on that video . is what i am seeing .

I understand 100%, they are called engagement groups. It’s pretty common for the smaller groups to follow, like and comment on each others accounts. Nothing new here my friend.


@wortime but then i only see growth when larger groups comment . how would smaller account commenting help that much . ? i mean if its the same thing il delete the thread as i joined engagement groups here but since they are all on the same level of following doesnt pull out that much visibility . what should be done ?

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You can have this thread, I am simply pointing out that this is a common practice for smaller groups and is called an engagement group. I know people that do this with larger accounts as well. Same name.

@wortime alright thanks a lot . have to tested this out anytime ? working on commenting on large accounts into new profiles to get the boost ?

It’s new to you. However it’s been around since 2013. It drives up views because more activity to the post. Don’t believe me? Go checkout telegraph or Kik services


@akexnvo yeah i got the point. i was just manually looking into big accounts and found this so … anyways thank you so much for your time :slight_smile:

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@aarishcs2 Yeah, just look around on this forum, a lot of people have experiences with engagement groups. Also you can search for them in Google. :slight_smile:

@bwbalazs yea the thing is there is lot of content here true . but the worth posts and comments are like digging a gold mine . the forum should have the feature of most appreciated comments to stay higher


Engagement groups or ‘pods’…the problem with them is that they require you to like and comment on all members’s photos within an hour of them posting (the really strict ones anyway)…
This is ridiculous - usially there are 15 POD members, living in different time zones. And I’m supposed to comment and like on 15 different people’s pics - all day every day!?!
I use MP to automate that stuff!!:joy::joy:


Depending on the person who runs the engagement group and tge number of people inside the group, it might take up a lot of your time. For example, if someone in the group is someone who posts 5-10 times a day, then you have to like/comment on that person’s posts as well as the others than are in that group. If you’re not that experienced with engagement groups, I recommend you try to find some small ones so you know what you are doing and then you can graduate to bigger groups. And even if the groups have smaller accounts it can still help you out, especially if you’re not getting many comments in general

@Englishdubb yeah thats true . makes more sense . the group which i joined also shut down so . i dunno how which ones are active on the forum

The real good ones are like a recluse. Never mentioned and by invite only

Replying based on Experience. I have a 80k IG account and 3 DM Engagement groups about Pins and Patches.

Bad Parts - Reason why I left all of them.

  • The effort required to maintain this groups is huge.
  • You cannot bot it cause people there are bigger than you or on your level of followers,
  • If they see you botting they’ll go out of the groups sooner or later, so no use. No General Comments and such, if you want quality provide quality.

Here’s the math
1 Group = 14 other people +1 you max (only 15 per group)
14 people x 3 groups = 42 people.
– 42 people all are active (that’s what you wanted right active posters?)
42 x 3-6 posts per day.

We are talking 126 upto 250 Real live likes and comments on a daily basis that you will do.
And not to mention this 2 hard things

  1. you are required to do it because they are doing the same to your posts.
  2. You are not in the same timezone. its hard to form a group of high follower DM group all with the same TImezone etc. SO you like check every 3-4 hours and spend 1 hour per wave finishing up the others who posted.

Good thing about it.
I stared about the bad thing because the results are really that good. It is working. Comments are going up. Likes are 30% more, higher chances of hitting the Explorer page. It is a good method specially if you form or had been invited in a Niche related DM Engagement Group. It makes your posts explode.

So is it worth it? Yes Absolutely. But why did i quit using the method? I need more time for other campaigns so this time consuming tasks, i will either pass into a VA only but not me.

Just my 2 cents


@thewriteone ray thanks a ton that was a lot of useful information . :smiley: .thank you so much

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No problem glad to help. Pm me if you have more questions that needs clarifications about pods :grin:

Very good points and this is also the same reasons I stopped. The results are great there are people gaining 500-1K+ followers solely from likes and comments from large accounts but maintaining a constant schedule and manually liking and commenting every time the group posts is just a deal breaker. Finding a good group close to your niche or on an appropriate time schedule is just difficult.

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Great share @thewriteone, :joy: