Engagement Group Guide / Let's connect in the comments

DM Groups, Engagement Pods, Engagement Groups. Call them how you want.

We know that IG chooses to boost your post depending on the engagement you get in the first 60 minutes after posting. Using Engagement groups is one method to trick the system and expand your reach.

But what is an engagement group?

An engagement group is a group of people who like and comment on each other’s posts in those first 60 minutes after posting.

So how do you create an engagement pod?

  1. Find people in your niche who have the same or bigger amount of followers as you.
  2. Send them a dm to ask them if they want to join your engagement group.
  3. Create a group chat on Instagram with the people who were interested to join your dm group.
  4. Share your new posts in the engagement group
  5. See how things go in the next couple of weeks and delete the accounts who are not active.
  6. Grow your engagement group by adding new people.


Don’t have enough time for this? Jarvee has a feature for creating engagement groups with accounts like yours. They even automate the liking and commenting process.

This post is also a nice opportunity to find people in your niche to start your first engagement group.
Drop your niche and followers here and let’s connect!


Photography/Landscape - 4,5k

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thanks for opening this topic If you have an Engagement Group Hit me up!
Traveling 20k
Fashion 22.9k
artist 36k
makeup 20k


Yap, thanks for opening the topic
Food 12k
Travelling 20 account of 1k
and babes 50 account of 5k


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
Food - 8k


Thanks for opening the thread! I tried to open a topic like this last year and I wasn’t as lucky as you haha.

Travel: 50k followers (Spanish)


Thank you!
Fashion 58k
Art 47k
outdoors apparel-40k

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Animals 85k
Animal 35.2k
Dogs 72.7k

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Travel lifestyle 140k

Travel 14k. PM me if you have a group.

As an aside - isn’t engagement from non-followers ignored by insta, so it would be a good idea for all people in the group to follow each other?

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Fitness/Fitpro’s: 13k

Fashion Photography: 189k.

both english, Australia based

rendering and architecture 8K

Love quotes - 13k.

fashion 21k
music 14k

Fashion/travel 8.5k

I would like to know that too

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It’s ignored indeed, that’s why it would be smarter to follow each others in a DM group

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I don’t know if it’s ignored by insta but it’s not ignored from all other tools calculating ER. Tools measure number of likes + comments (+ saves ?)regardless from origin. Isn’t that so ?

If it’s so then it’s not that bad, all kinds of engagement are good, that’s what brings clients…

Only for the first 60 mins ? Anything after won’t count?

Will paypal anyone to spoonfeed me the way to automate creating an engagement group + auto comment on engagement groups