Engagement group proxy question

Hey guys, if I buy a bunch of basically throwaway accounts for posting comments in the engagement group feature, can they run safely on cheap datacenter proxies if all they are doing is the engagement group comment posting?

Are you talking about making own SMM Panel?

In theory, it should work. As long they do not over-do actions. You may encounter ABs.

Test it. When it’s working: yes When it’s not working: no

yeah basically what a panel does, but in the long run way cheaper because you own the accounts.

If someone had insight before I go blow a ton of money setting this up that would be great information to know, hence why I asked the question. If you have nothing positive to contribute, why are you wasting your time?

Well yeah. Assuming most SMM panels are cheap as hell, they use proxies that are cheap as hell. So yeah you could be able to do it. Bare in mind you will have to deliver in more lenghty time. No more same second 1k likes…

What I’m saying is very positive. I encourage you to make quick decisions. We can speculate a lot here, but the only way to find it out is testing it. There is nothing more about. Test it with a small batch, at the best with different datacenters and after that you will know 100%.