Engagement group worth it?

I saw many threads where they say that eg are useless unless you do it with dm groups from Instagram not from telegram…as insta track the links and know that tge likes have come from an eg so is this method still effective and how can it be done correctly without risk of Shadow ban or block… ?

It’s fine. Just have to edit the link a bit. Make sure you are in one for your own niche though.

Niche related content, i would say. Otherwise it’s not usefull… To my mind

useless for client management, definitely not as popular as couple of years ago

I’d say it’s fine if the other accounts are in your niche as well
You don’t have to post your post link you can also link your profile and people like your latest post

Is there anyway to automate it ? Also eg on Insta or telegram ? Because mostly Eg where everyone are on them with different niche can make insta knows that you use the eg method and they can shadowban you

Yes but how to know niche related especially on telegram are you talking about dmgroups ?