Engagement groups/automation tools

Does anyone know of any engagement groups I could join? Looked around forums and didn’t find much.
Current profile is around 26k with around 1k likes and average of a 100 comments.

Also I see these engagement groups with bots. How do you set up MP to reply to all the post in the engagement groups ?

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Head over to the instagram section of Blackhatworld you’ll find dozens of EGs

Depends how big of a group you are in if under 50 i usually do it manually and use MP for anything bigger all you have to do is like specific users latest post and add the list to your sources, when you are accepted in a telegram group there will be a pinned message explaining what to do also.


I was a member in few EG, but I got bored and dropped them all.

It is easy to set MP. Paste the list in your sources and for comments use spintax. Engagement groups usually require minimum 4 word comment, so use something like:

{|||Wow! |Hey! |Looks {nice|cool}! }{{I like|I love|Like|Love} {this|your}|{Very nice|Nice|Cool}} {photo|foto|picture|pic|image|img}{.|!|!!| :)| ;)| :D| <3}

Always check your spintax in MP first.


Hi @Dconley I went over to BHW, and I’m prob searching the wrong way or something, but I’m having problems figuring out how to join a group. New to engagement groups, any tips?

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You will need an invite link to get in. Download telegram if you dont have it already and google search for instagram telegram groups you should hit on a few that way. If not pm me and I can send you a few links.


are all these groups charging money to join?