Engagement Groups [hosted on IG vs.Telegram]

So I’ve been part of many Engagement groups. I’m wondering what has worked best for YOU?

If you could weigh in on the pros and cons of hosting either on IG vs Telegram.

ALSO best way to structure them so EVERYONE is engaged.

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From my experience :slight_smile:

  • The best way to benefit from engagement groups would be to part of a bigger network that you actually are. Let’s say you’re on a 5k account. If you manage to join a 50/100k or even more community group, then you will blow-up.

  • I do believe Telegram is much better, as it’s less spammy than IG DM, and can host up to many people, compared to the IG DM limited numbers of people inside it.

  • My best experience was to run with people from the same niche, at least as big as you’re acutally are -the bigger they are the better it is - and manage to do ROUNDS Groups. It means they’re all posting at a precise time of the day, and bring engagement as fast as they can. Then, everyone has to make a screenshots of the “Likes” +/- “Saves” and show it to the group on Telegram, with something like “Done”.

  • An other important point would be to NOT like anything else a few hours before, and after, this timing post. Let’s say you post at 18.00. Do not like anything else between 16.00 and 20.00, others than these people in the group. This would bring even more reach to your post :sunglasses:

  • Last but not least - Combined with a big influencer paid contract (or free it’s your dad :man_office_worker:), you can get a massive engagement from these 2 methods, giving you the opportunity to hit the EP.

There are many other tricks, just, be creative, like the :duck:


So your saying don’t like/comment on posts 2 hrs before/after you actually post yourself? Have you run any tests on this or is it just speculation.

A lot of the EG ask for you to like/comment before you post so there can be a problem there.


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Do not think about your profile on your own. You’re part of an Engagement Group, not a solo-group.

  • We talk about being part of a huge network with a lot of followers. Giving a few likes before posting won’t get you anywhere except a few more visits.

Not liking anything will give your Network (again, think Network…) a huge potential.

  • It’s not speculation, it’s tests and well-known method on how to hack the EP easier my friend :wink:

  • However, the more your network is big, the more this hack would be effective. On 1m+ network, it just kills it.

You are very welcome !

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The most important thing is that your posts are being seen and engaged with within the first 30 minutes or so after posting. This will give you the best chance of trending, provided the content is exceptional and the people engaging are pushing the right buttons.

Rather opt for a smaller engagement group which is going to provide meaningful interactions.

Most notably

  • Lingering on the post and at least pretending to appreciate it for a couple of minutes
  • Reading the entire caption and posting a relevant comment
  • Saving the post, and most notably;
  • Looking at the post again later.

Instagram is utterly devious. They show you posts again at the top of your news feed to test whether or not you’re truly interested in them. Saves do nothing unless you actually look at the post again later and re-engage. Don’t be fooled for a second!

Likes are practically meaningless for your post’s ability to trend, unless paired with other, more meaningful interactions. They do however boost prestige, but tend to be tricky to balance against automated activity. Just keep in mind that one can like a post and immediately move on without giving it too much attention. This could arguably reduce your hidden post rating.

If it’s an Instagram album, be sure that there is an agreement to scroll through the entire thing with linger time. Again, always making sure tapping and scrolling is as genuine as possible.

If it’s a video, watch the entire thing from beginning to end, preferably at least once but twice or more if possible.

I recommend being in smaller engagement groups, preferably with people that you trust are actually going to make an effort.

If you want the highest return for the least time invested, I would personally prioritize comments. Other people tend to read these and become immediately impressed that people are ''genuinely" interested in your content.



I just created my first Telegram group and would like to invite more people to it.

I have noticed that I am being added to other groups without being asked, so was wondering how it’s done.

I would like to use the same method to grow my own group, but can’t figure it out.

I would like to join your EG group!

No problem, but there is only 55 member there so far :slight_smile: I can’t invite manually more than 50 people a day.
My Telegram is @wsiolek

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