Engagement groups/pods still work in 2020?

Anyone had issues with engagement groups/pods? I have a fresh account and when I post with some researched hashtags it gets a decent organic reach and likes in the first one hour… Then I add the post to an engagement wave the organic reach drops to zero and the post ends up only with the wave likes.

Anyone with a take on that? My take is just IG AI is getting smarter but looking if someone else seen similar.

Mmh, that might be the case be anyway, similar content/niche will engage in an organic way, and if they follo, each other in the DM group, i don’t see why it’s gonna be a problem :slight_smile:

Correct, the existing followers are still engaging but I feel like IG has limited the reach of the post hashtags.

in my recent experience. They work if you use them intelligently. Not every single post, around every 2-4 posts (randomise it) and that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re posting at least once or better yet, twice a day.

They work best on high level accounts, low level it’s a bit obvious if the same people are seen commenting, liking etc.

If your content is good and stands out, just engage with random people who’s content you like. If they are part of your target audience, and your content is quality, how could they not reciprocate?

Thanks, good feedback. Appreciate it!

Working fine for me currently :slight_smile:

Which engagement pods are you using? I’m looking to join a good one. I have 11.4K followers all organic

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